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Eurocup in Schinias, Greece day 4

2Hey, sorry for my late report! After a drive back and short night sleep I had to get to work full on as its the high season here. Anyway, I found this free moment to write my short report and let you know how my last day went!

The first race started with lighter winds so I was back on my 11.0 sail. I did an OK start and was heading to shore, hoping for some lift. …..Read more

Eurocup in Schinias, Greece day 3

1Hi! Even though coming a bit late, here’s my report from third day of racing in Greek Eurocup event.
So, yesterday for me started with really bad mood as I almost did not sleep at night. I really felt tired so I was doubting my racing abilities. Anyway, …..Read more

Eurocup in Schinias, Greece day 2

Hi! Today we had another windy, or should I say ballistic, day in Schinias. I think in the gusts we had over 30 knots, but the worst thing was how violent and fast those gusts would come. Anyway, read on to see how the races went. …..Read more

Eurocup in Schinias, Greece day 1

Hey guys! Eurocup in Schinias, Greece was one of those events which were close enough for me this summer, so I couldn’t miss it. Even though the forecast looked super strong and I was anxious about sailing with 10.0 meter sail, which I tried only a year ago once, I still came for the races. …..Read more

Last days of World’s

3Hey there! Sorry for my report coming so late, but I didn’t have internet at my accomodation and did not have enough time to go somewhere with all the action going on.
So day 4 started with two remaining races for the blue fleet and after that the racers were divided to Gold and Silver fleets. …..Read more

FW Worlds in Croatia day 3

Hey there. Writing this post with not the best mood after yesterdays racing. The day started with strong winds and I was finally feeling happy with the conditions. I did not make a good start again, but I was feeling okay on my 12.0 sail, so I kept pushing and, by the looks of things, could have finished 19 th but I dropped the sail in the last jibe, which cost me 5 positions, so I ended up 24 th. …..Read more

FW Worlds in Croatia day 1 & 2

Hey there. Some short updates from Worlds in Croatia.

First day was the day of registration, so when the breeze came we went out for some training sessions. I didn’t feel very good and only after I finished, I noticed that the main camber was lost inside of the sail. Not the best way to sail for sure …..Read more

Training for Worlds (video)

Hey there. Summer is getting close to the middle and time passed very fast. With it comes the 2013 Formula windsurfing championship which will be held in Viganj, Croatia on 8th-13th of July.
My preparation for it wasn’t something I would have liked it to be, but you have to make the best out of what you have. …..Read more

Training in Athens

Hey there! After enjoying my last years training camp in Greece so much and coupled with job opportunity for the summer, it would have been a shame not to come few weeks earlier for another set of training sessions with Nikolas GRE28. This time we had our training place pretty much set in stone as Nikolas started his own board school down in Agia Marina this year. And having the playground visible through your house window is always a huge bonus. …..Read more

The switch

Hey guys, as promised earlier I am writing about some changes in equipment I made this year. When I arrived to spain and hopped back on formula equipment to train with Spain’s fastest Fernando Martinez ESP 71, I understood my equipment is really not working well. I tried different things, but I didn’t see the improvement I was hoping for. …..Read more

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